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Hard Tines Hunt Club Rules
Hard Tines Hunt Club Rules

Please read over the rules listed below. Each member is expected to follow all rules set by the club, as well as all GA State rules & regulations (which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here). Anyone caught breaking rules are subject to be removed from the lease (upon primary lease holder(s) discretion), and their money will NOT be refunded. All hunting guests must also follow all rules, or they will not be allowed back on the lease.

Club Member Rules

  1. All paying members are allowed to bring 1 guest for hunting per trip, and multiple non-hunting guests. 
  2. Each membership comes with two trophy buck tags. You must keep at least one tag for yourself, and you can give the other away to a guest if you choose (trophy kills by guests go against your limit). 
  3. All members and hunting guests must abide by Georgia's Hunting Rules & Regulations at all times, as well as the club rules. 
  4. We ask that each member participates in the designated work week(s) / weekend(s). However, if you cannot participate, we would appreciate it if you could contribute money to those who do participate to help cover some expenses. 
  5. All members are required to pay their dues by the specified date given by the lease holder(s). Those who do not pay may be removed from the club / lease. 
  6. Each member will be required to pay their part for all lease expenses (feed, food plot materials, electricity, fuel for tractor, camp supplies, etc...). 
  7. Children under 16 must be under adult supervision at all times. 
  8. As requested by the landowner, kids are not to be "joy riding" at any time on the property. This same rule should apply to all members out of respect for other hunters in the club. Unnecessary activity on the property may result in disrupting the wildlife and potentially chasing game off of the property. 
  9. Wives and children under 16 are not considered to be "guests." 
  10. All lease keys must remain with the paying member at all times (no loaning out keys).    

Game Management

Hard Tines Hunting Club is not a "meat hunting" or a "kill anything you see" type of hunting club. The primary lease holder(s) set guidelines on what you can and can not shoot. When a member kills a trophy buck on the lease, it is expected to be mounted (full head mount). We will not be shooting young bucks that have potential to become trophy quality in the years to come. By managing the lease this way, we have a greater chance of growing higher scoring bucks to hunt. If you do not understand these guidelines, or the rules listed below, please contact one of the primary lease holders for better explanation.

  1. No one is allowed to shoot does at anytime on the lease. 
  2. No bucks under 3.5 years old should be shot unless their rack is severely deformed (cull buck). Cull bucks are determined by the lease managers. Pictures of some of the current cull bucks can be found under the QDM information page on the website. All hunters are advised to carry a digital camera with them while hunting. If you see a possible cull buck, take a picture so the lease managers can determine whether or not is a cull buck or not. 
  3. Anyone (members or guests) who shoots a deer not following the rules above will pay a fine of $500. 
  4. If you find yourself questioning on whether or not you should shoot a buck, let him walk. If you can, take a picture of the buck so the rest of the members can see it and discuss whether or not it should be shot. 
  5. Special exceptions are made for young children (especially concerning their first buck) regarding these rules.

Guest Rules

  1. Each paying member is allowed to bring only 1 hunting guest PER TRIP to the lease (you cannot bring two guests and allow one to hunt one day, and the other to hunt the next day). 
  2. REMINDER - Per Georgia State law, guests are required to purchase the correct licenses in order to hunt. 
  3. All guests must be accompanied by the member that invited them (guests cannot be at the lease without the member being present). 
  4. Each hunting guest must abide by all of the club rules, as well as the State rules & regulations. 
  5. Guests are allowed to hunt ONLY cull bucks during the first three weeks of November. Before and after that, guests may hunt for a trophy or cull buck. 
  6. Guests are limited to shooting one buck per season. The inviting member may advise the guest on which buck to shoot (trophy or a cull buck). 
  7. Hunting guests may choose their treestand after all paying members have chosen the stand they wish to hunt (Paying members have priority over guests on what stand they wish to hunt that morning/evening). 
  8. Any guest that breaks any of the club rules will not be invited back!