Mobile Apps
Scoutlook Hunting Weather - $1.99

  Like, extensive weather forecast information and other data hunters need as geocoded to a hunter's current or saved hunting locations. Start the app up, and it displays a Google map with your precise position and weather conditions. With the unique ScentZone and SetZone wind maps, big game and waterfowl hunters can "see the wind" now and out 72 hours at any location for optimal hunt planning.

With the integrated ScoutMarX tool, hunters can save noteworthy locations (scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, roost sites, etc.) for future hunts. The new app also synchronizes with the user's web-based account.

Scoutlook DeerLog

  DeerLog automatically captures time, date, GPS location, weather details, wind and moon info at time of sighting and enables real-time deer logging in drop downs with NO TYPING! Review logs on phone, PC, or export to Excel for further use. It's a deer Log like nothing you've ever seen!

Hunting Clubs, Outfitters & Landowners - Create personalized access codes so all hunters on your land can log all sightings & conditions at ever stand to your private log database. Monitor your deer herd and hunting activity on your land, and know what conditions work best at which stands with this user-friendly, intuitive and powerful tool.

 Mossy Oak Hunting Weather

  The map-based weather, solunar, and popular ScentCone™ wind tool that help hunters decide where, when and how to hunt is now available FREE! Mossy Oak wanted to provide this powerful FREE version of the original app to the entire hunting community so all can benefit.

The Mossy Oak Hunting Weather app is map-based to bring you weather details including radar, wind activity, solunar times, lunar phase, hourly barometric changes, and other information hunters can’t live without before heading afield. Use condition information to decide where and when to hunt. It's hunting weather like you’ve never seen it!

ScentCone™ and SetZone™ wind tools are the first of their kind, delivering visually mapped wind speed and direction for your treestands and duck blinds hourly for 72 hours – they almost pick your spots for you!

Download the app, create a free private account at the Login screen, and go! The Mossy Oak Hunting Weather app is ready when and where you are.

  Time2Hunt is the premier Android app for getting the daily hunting forecase. The only Android app with hourly ratings based on SOLUNAR & WEATHER data!

Now with the ability to pick from map & save locations. Uses complex solar / lunar data & calculates the best times to go hunting. Shows daily / hourly hunting forecast, sun rise / set & moon phase data.

Great for deer hunting & elk hunting!
Time2Hunt Lite

  The free, ad-supported version of the popular Time2Hunt app.

Uses solar / lunar data to calculate the best times to go hunting. Shows daily / hourly hunting forecast, sunrise / sunset & moon phase data.

Great for deer & Elk Hunting!

The free version has some limited functionality compared to the full version. It does not have weather-based ratings, can not save locations, and does not have monthly views.
Solunar Fishing & Hunting Times

  Solunar Table determines the Best Hunting and Fishing Times for any date, any location worldwide. If you like bird watching, hunting, or fishing, have this app handy and it will provide you with the location-specific information that make your next trip a success!

Based on the original solunar theory, Solunar determines the peak feeding and activity times for all types of fish and wildlife based on the moon position and lunar phase. With Solunar app, you’ll have all the solunar table information you need to know exactly when the best fishing times and best hunting times will occur for your exact location.